Today, creative content development demands the latest toolsets available. Tim Lay Productions has the resources you need to make whatever your creative ideas need.

With Lightwave 3D Animation, After Effects and Apple Motion compositing, and the quality of Panasonic P2 HD cameras, you have the tools so that no idea is out of your reach. With award-winning creative and extensive technical expertise, you can trust TLP to deliver your project on time and on budget.

TLP has over 30 years of experience producing commercial adverting. With multiple awards for both creative execution and technical achievement, you can be sure that you will get a solid marketing message produced with technical excellence.

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  1. Dear Tim Lay,

    My name is Amanda Berry and I live in tiny Enterprise, OR (about 4 hours outside of Boise). I found your website via Google. The commercials on your site clearly show a high standard of professionalism.

    As a video producer, your main goal is to see all the disparate parts of a project come together in a seamless video that perfectly expresses the client’s aims. Unfortunately, the client has yet to give her approval and you’re left wondering if you’ve finished the project or not. Or even worse, a project with a tight deadline gets delayed because of a sudden, unlikely rainstorm. Now, your work isn’t bringing you as much joy as it should.

    Tim, I’d like to be the one part of your workday you don’t have to worry about. With 4 years of voice over experience, I help clients like The New Yorker, The Sprout Network, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology with bringing fluidity, spontaneity, and heart to even the most technical text. During directed sessions they get to participate in my ability to scale my performance up or down while keeping the essence of the text, all from my sound-insulated booth where my imagination can flourish. I’d love for you to have this experience as well. To get a feel for me and my work:

    I’d be honored to continue the conversation further. Since I live in Enterprise and you’re in Eugene, I’d love to have a virtual coffee date with you over Zoom. My contact information is below in the e-signature.

    Take care and speak soon.

    All the best,

    Amanda Berry
    (917) 539-5546

    1. Sounds like you have learned how to make it work while living in a small town. We’ve had to do the same. The examples sound great, and I will forward your info on to the team for consideration in future projects.

  2. Hi Tim,

    I found this website just through Google, it wasn’t until I found your LinkedIn account that I saw your main passion with Tracktown Productions. I’m a big sports fan too. The Garage Pickle Ball video on your twitter looks like so much fun! I used to play whenever visiting my grandfather. I’m contacting you though so I can help bring your commercials to life through voice over.

    My voice has been described as hip, effortless, real and authentic. I pride myself on excellent communication, ability to take direction and quick turnaround times. I record in my broadcast quality home studio. You can listen to my demo and past works at: 

    I’m always available for custom auditions!

    I look forward to hearing from you! 
    – Dan

    1. Thanks for reaching out. I listened to your demo, and it sounded great. I will pass along your contact info along to the team to be considered for future projects.

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